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Welcome to my deviantArt profile!  My name is Joni.  I'm in my early twenties, live in rural Kansas, and I love storytelling.  Art is one form of expression/exploration that I enjoy practicing and dabbling in, though I also like writing.  Some of my favorite things are chai tea, fairytales, anything east-Asian (but especially anything KOREA-related), reading, animated movies, the rabbits in our yard, and spending each day following God to see what He has in store for my life.

Check out my blog for more ramblings about drawing, stories, and other randomness.  ^^

COMMISSIONS:  Though I haven't figured out a set way to offer them, I am interested in doing commission work.  If you have something you would like me to draw, please send me a message/note.  I don't do DeviantArt points, but we might be able to work something else out for payment or trade.  ^^

Thank you for stopping by- I hope to hear from you!
Hello to anyone who may be listening.
Just asking that anyone who feels the sudden urge to make a comment about any of my work- PLEASE DO!  I'd really like some feedback.
Thank you all!
Okay, so I've never used the word "artist" to discribe myself before, but according to the dictionary the definition is: somebody who creates art, especially paintings or sculptures

Guess that includes me.
I love creating.  LOVE it.  I hope to make a profession of it someday.  For now, I suppose this is just a place for my doodles and practicings.  I'm working to get better all the time.  Nerves are turning in my stomach a bit about the whole thing- I'm normally fairly private about my work.  But, if I'm ever going to get anywhere with it (remember- *someday*) I've got to put it out there.

Feedback is welcome as well as any tips or suggestions.  I do want to take criticism, but I'm still working on being okay with the negitives, so don't beat me up too much.

All the glory to God!